We have been giving customers a free black panel lining marker with their first gundam purchase for a few years now.

We do this because I build gundam too. And I do it because its fun. Like all gunpla builders I get this almost irresistible urge to build a gundam and it bothers me right until I start clipping the parts of a new kit. Because it's fun. It's entertaining. And when I buy a kit, I want that entertainment to last.

I could easily whip through a new high grade kit in a couple of hours, and aside from posing the model once in a while that would be it. Panel lining is one of the easiest things a builder can do to bring out the detail of a kit and make it stand out. By panel lining I find that I add more enjoyment time in building a kit, and I also find just a little bit more joy admiring my own handywork when I set up my latest kit on my desk.

And that's why your first marker is free. It adds value to the build and adds value to your finished product.